Company Registration In Indonesia Things to Know about PT PMA

Company Registration In Indonesia: Things to Know about PT PMA

There are numerous characteristics to spot on from a PT PMA of Company Registration In Indonesia. If you are a foreigner looking to set up a company on Indonesian soil, this type of company is perfect for you because the odds of the company being 100% owned by you are bigger.

The percentage of share is regulated by a document called the Negative Investment List. The document classifies foreign business by types and dictates the amount of share percentage of the company’s ownership. This should make it easier for you to maintain and manage the company as it partially (or wholly) belongs to you.

Another thing to enjoy when you are applying for a Company Registration In Indonesia in the form of PT PMA is stay permit. You will be granted similar rights as the local company owners. This means you can freely mold your company the best way you see fit.

And this freedom extends to permits. You will be granted with a work visa that can be extended in an interval as specified by the government. Business visas are also available for any foreign clients or visitors of your company, as long as your company legally sponsors them.

Some areas of business in Indonesia for foreigner are of niched field. Examples for this would be hotels and restaurants. These business forms require licenses that are specific to their scope. A PT PMA is eligible for these licenses too.

The last characteristic a PT PMA has that you should know before applying for this kind of Company Registration In Indonesia is that a PT PMA is an acknowledged business form. Indonesian Law regulating this business entity can be found on Law No. 25/2007 about capital investment and Law no. 40/2007 about Limited Liability Company. These two laws dictate the procedure foreigners should go through before establishing their company.

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